Sea turtles have exceptional night vision due to vast numbers of cells in their retinas, enabling them to see in color from ultraviolet to red.


Just like turtles whose vision enables them to see in dark waters for navigation and survival, Turtle Vision works with similar principles in mind.  


For over 25 years, we've helped people, get to the bottom of what stands in the way of achieving their goals to help them feel calm, centered, and balanced. Considered the oldest form of healing, shamanism exposes the source of your obstacles, by pointing to trauma in your life experiences that were never healed.

What we Do

What's standing in the way of you achieving or getting to where you want to go? Or feeling better about your life?
We help you navigate the obstacles from your past, that prevent you from living your true authentic self through transformation and healing your traumatic events. By using a combination of alternative healing and highly effective shamanic techniques, you can rest assured that the effects are deep and long-lasting.

"If I could double-recommend Joye, I would. She is so spot-on powerful, I reconciled some impossible situations with the shift she facilitated in the working dream journey. Amazing and life-changing. I do not exaggerate." 

Kerry M. - Los Angeles, CA

Heal Your Wounded Heart

The heart is the life force of being human. From a shamanic perspective, our heart is where you regulate your emotions, interactions with others, and the world around you. When there's trauma, or you witness the suffering of others, healing might be necessary if the effects show up in your life.

By mending the self-imposed stories from your ancestral past, growth accelerates. This happens by understanding your personal power and the choices you make. This is how the heart heals.


Even though shamanism is an ancient form of healing, it's not a quick fix or faith healing. It's a process. Your participation is necessary for it to be effective. 
This is where people can get confused. Many think that going to a shaman will heal them immediately. They don't realize that the healing process happens on the back-end; after the initial session.

Like the layers of an onion, trauma builds upon itself. Shamanic healing techniques work to peel back these layers. After they're exposed, each blanket of trauma is affected by the procedure, so that the mending process seeps into each layer. This is the back-end of shamanism.

You'll learn beneficial tools to keep the healing process going.


 Hi, I'm Joye Peters and Happy You're here!


My name is Joye (joy with an 'e') and my story is simple. Like you, life challenges, problems, personal disasters, and family issues prevented me from my own personal growth because I ignored them. From heartbreak and divorce to tragic deaths, I tried everything to hide the pain. Had I not learned about shamanism at an early age, I wouldn't be here sharing my story with you.


I transformed myself by stepping onto the path of the wounded warrior. I found the courage to look into my dark corners even though I was afraid, where my unhealed trauma lived.

I learned to accept myself with open arms and forgave any pain that I'd afflicted upon others. After I understood what my core issues 
were and where they came from, I started the healing journey to overcome and change them.

I've studied with masters, including Dr. Michael Harner, and world-renowned teacher Sandra Ingerman. Also, I studied indigenous Ojibwa medicine techniques from Richard Dobson and Natasha Frazier, along with Sun Bear of the Chippewa/Métis tribe, who consecrated my pipe.

I started practicing shamanism when I was 22 years old. Since then, my mission has been to help people understand what it is, and teach them how to use it. So, they too can heal and eliminate personal and ancestral trauma, to live a fulfilled, healthy and wonderful life.

Confidentiality and non-judgement is our approach in every situation.
· Spirit, heart
, and intellect align to bring healing to your story.
· You are a spiritual being living in human form.
"Joye was so insightful, patient, and understanding during our consultation. What a calm, serene spirit! I was struck by her tranquil energy and appreciated our talk. I can tell that she is a perceptive, intuitively gifted being."

- Riwati F., Los Angeles, CA.

Process & Procedures 


Free Discovery Call

Pick a date and time for your free 30-minute discovery call. We quickly uncover the issue and determine if shamanism is a fit.


Together, we decide on the best procedure(s) for your problem or issue. Then we pick a day & time for the session.


After 75-90 minutes your session is finished. We meet via Zoom. You'll receive a copy of the recording for your records, along with techniques to ensure that the healing remains effective. I offer extensive follow-up to help you stay on track.

Lost Power

Lost Power Restoration can be found in most shamanic cultures. It's used to realign you with your personal power and restore balance in physical your body. 

Power Animal

Everyone should have a Power Animal, it's that simple. Your PA will protect you. They can also  be called upon to mentor and guide you. They are known to increase your mental and physical strength and confidence. Meet your new BFF.


Soul Retrieval

Another well-known technique is Soul Retrieval. When you experience a traumatic event, it can cause a degree of soul loss, either big or small. This loss is a protection mechanism that prevents you from further shock. In psychology, it's called disassociation. The disassociated part gets retrieved in Soul Retrieval.


Ancestral Matrix 

Your family and ancestors are a key to who you are and how you move through the world. When your family stories hold you and 
affect your belief systems, they can disrupt your life. This technique removes trauma from those stories, allowing you and your family to heal.


Home is where the heart is; but what if yours is being occupied by something else? Entity bonds happen in different ways, and mostly are seen through generational co-dependence. This  technique, not only releases those attachments, but transmutes the entity through the classic method of psychopomp.


I'll teach you how to journey to excel 
in your personal growth. I use Core Shamanism, along with Ojibwa Medicine techniques, as a guide by using your life as the template. You'll learn everything necessary, to enable you to help others, if that's what you want. I work with beginners to advanced practioners..

"I have worked with Veterans Affairs for PTSD, and Park Rangers of California, where I've cleared park lands from gang violence. I've presented talks on shamanism, facilitated healing circles, and one of my specializations, is working with families and children."

-Joye Peters
"3 nights after I worked with you, I had a vivid and colorful dream. I never dreamt in color before until after our session, because all my dreams were in black and white!"

Sascha L. - Warsaw, Poland


Believe doctors and medications are the only way

Believe the interconnections between mind, body, and spirit are not real

Believe a shaman is another word for magic, cult, or witch doctor



"Joye gave me a soul retrieval that changed my life. I could tap into my 7 and 14 year old selves, which were crucial periods in my adolescent development, and together dealt with my OCD".

Terry C. - Missoula, Montana


Below are 3 drumming tracks for journeying. Please use headphones for the best results.
WARNING: adjust and test your volume before listening.


You’ll find 3 videos to help you understand what shamanism is and how its used. The Way of the Shaman is a documentary about the work of Dr. Micheal Harner and modern shamanism. Pachakutec - Time of Change is an award-winning documentary about an Incan shaman who traverses the world to help move human understanding forward through Mother Earth. Sandra Ingerman talks about illness from a shamanic perspective.

"I haven’t bitten a single finger nail!
That memory of one more lady from my distant past came the next day after the session. She, as you described her, had brown hair, and her name started with “A”. 

Lana K. - Woodland Hills, CA.

Our Principles

Shamanism is -

Based on
 the results. That's all that matters, and we measure them by the changes in your own life and how others interact with you.

Shamanism is not  -

Not based on ego. It’s all about compassionate allies called upon to do the work on your behalf.


"Joye performed energy fire extractions on me in two sessions that have changed my life. Within a few days after each session I felt a lightness of being and joy that I had never experienced before."

Tim D. - Northridge, CA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shaman?

A shaman is a kindred liaison between our reality and the spirit world. She/he/they conduct healing rituals and ceremonies, to aid others and the community. We also use spiritual medicine as the basis of healing. Shamanism is an ancient form and has been practiced on every continent throughout time.

What do you do?

I work alongside my helping allies by journeying to them. I take your issue or problem to them and they give me advice to bring to you and they do all the work.

Are you making up what you see or is it your imagination?

Neither. The best way to explain it is that I'm shown your timeline and given information about your problem or issue. Then the best procedure to fix it.

Why would a person go to a shaman, if they're already on medication or are being treated for an illness?

Shamans work on problems and diseases that affect the whole body, including the unseen bodies. The healing works on multiple layers and does not interfere with medication.

How do you do it and what does it look like?

I use a drum or listen to a drumming track. That's how I journey in a relaxed and calm  state to meet my allies who work and advise me on your behalf.

Is it expensive and does my insurance cover it?

The cost is substantially less expensive than most medical procedures or therapies. Also, you won't need to have numerous sessions unless you're doing Shamanic Coaching. Check with your insurance provider to see if they cover what's known as CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine). It varies from state to state and by country to country.

"Joye guided me to what I actually needed help for during the free discovery call, and after we met, she began to journey for me. I felt the tension in my body and my fears, that morning's traumatic events, even my skepticism sapping away; giving room for calm to root inside me."

Alice W. - Los Angeles, CA.

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